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Compilations Have Been Sent Out

Great news! The compilations have been emailed out as of this morning! I hope you're all as excited as I am with the finished product.

Authors: Please do not share the compilation with your betas, pre readers, or banner makers. If you gave me their information, they got it. If you didn't, send me the info and I will send them the compilation. Also, remember you cannot post your stories on your own accounts until June 8th. Thank you all!

We raised a total of $300 for this round. I would like to see that number doubled during the next round. I think we can do it!

Thank you to every single person who donated their talents or money, retweeted and shared posts, pimped out the fundraiser, and helped me in any way during the course of the fundraiser. You guys mean the world to me and I adore you all!

Enjoy the stories and feel free to email me with what you think or for any reason at all.

~Lia Jane
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The Final Batch of Teasers!

Here are the last of the teasers I received before the deadline last night. Take a look and then head on over to the Submitted Teasers page to read the full teasers.

**Bright Moon: A Prelude from Solstice by Cristy MV/ Maya William**

No summary provided.
**Bloody Hell by Sitalia**
Summary: After being in hiding for over fifty years, Isabella comes back to find out her sister has lost her Major, her Captain and her Lieutenant. Now there's going to be hell to pay and what a bloody hell it'll be.
**Lost in Paradise by Lia Jane**
Summary: After Jeremy's death, Elena's world crumbles. Even though Damon's power over her should've left her no choice but to obey his command, Elena does not turn off her emotions. Instead, she fakes it and leaves the first chance she gets. What will she do? Where will she go? And what happens when Damon and Stefan learn the truth? (This is just a story line that would not leave me alone...it's my take on what happened after Jeremy's death in the show.)
I hope you all enjoy the teasers! I cannot wait until all of these awesome stories are turned in and I'm able to get them out to all of you wonderful authors, donators, and contributors!
AUTHORS: Stories are due March 30th! Please don't forget!
~Lia Jane

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Chandrakanta and Lacie Dixon's Teasers!

Two incredible new Teasers have been added to the Submitted Teasers page! I am getting extremely excited about these submissions!

Check out a little information about the stories here and then check out the Submitted Teasers page to see the full Teaser.

**Devil's Backbone by Lacie Dixon**

Summary: Jamie and Daryl's lives cross paths after two separate, but equally traumatizing events. Trust does not come easily to either one of them, but when Jamie's life ends up in Daryl's hands, will she put aside her fears, or will she give up?
**Masen Equestrian: Home of My Heart by Chandrakanta**
No Summary available at this time. See the Submitted Teasers page for the Teaser.

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More Teasers!

There have been some new teasers posted on the Submitted Teasers page! Below are the banners and summaries. *To read the actual Teaser, go to the Submitted Teasers page*

**Daddy's Little Princess: A Mafia Princess Out-Take by Tufano79**

Summary: Angelo and his Little One have been in married, wedded bliss for seven years. Bethy, Edward’s little princess and perfect daughter, is the apple of his eye. Bethy wants for nothing, especially affections from her loving and doting parents. But what happens when Bella finds out she’s pregnant? Will Bethy accept the new baby or will she only want to be Daddy’s Little Princess?
**Healing Process by CloeMarrie**
Summary: They were childhood friends and were expected to marry, but they've fallen in love with other people. What happens when they are forced into marriage?
**The Rainbow by Addicted-to-Romione-Bedward**
Summary: Socially awkward twinkward meets Jasper the manwhore in front of Rainbow club. Edward tries everything in his power to change Jasper's ways and show him the wonders of a relationship.
These are some absolutely phenomenal Teasers! Also, thanks to the lovely Christy, I have a few more sites to post for our awesome overseas folks to donate to! Below are the links:

New Zealand

You may donate to any of these organizations as well as the other links we have posted. Thank you so much for the info, Christy!

REMINDER: Authors, your Teasers are due by March 23rd and your completed stories are due by March 30th. Please contact me if a problem arises. Thank you all!

~Lia Jane

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Introducing...the Endless Hope contest!

I have teased this contest for a while now. How would you all like some information?

First of all, this is a contest directly linked to our fundraiser. Posts about it will be linked back to this blog. The reason for this is, I am hosting this contest to help raise Juvenile Diabetes awareness in between the fundraiser.

That being said, author submissions DO NOT have to have anything to do with Juvenile Diabetes. The point for this contest is to write a story of endless hope. It could be any type of illness, disorder, or simply a bad situation or even the search for true love. Hope is a very powerful thing. It can change someone's life. Write a story that encompasses that and enter it into the contest.

I have not decided on dates for this yet...mainly because I am still in need of some helpers for this contest. Here's what I need:

3 Judges
3 Validators
2 Graphics makers (Banners and blinkies)
Pimps! Lol!

If you are interested in helping out, email me.

This is literally still in the planning phase. A blog, twitter account, and FFn account are coming soon. Once everything is set up, I'll post another blog here with all of that info.

I am SUPER excited about this and can't wait to really get it going. If you have questions, do not hesitate to email me, tweet me, or Facebook me.

Until next time...

~Lia Jane
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Hello all you lovely people! I wanted to take a moment (while I have one) to remind you all of deadlines and such.

First! All teasers are due by March 23rd! That's in almost a month. Now, teasers are not required, but they are a good way to show donators what kinds of stories they will be paying for.

Stories are due March 30th! The stories must be completed and turned into me at this time.

Those deadlines are quickly approaching. Please...if you are having trouble, let me know. I can work with you a little bit, but I can't help you if you don't let me know there is a problem. Feel free to email me any time for anything.

Second! Donations, donations, donations. Right now we have received $110 in donations. This is a drastic reduction from our first go-round where we raised over $500. There is still time for people to make donations. That deadline is April 4th. Please make sure you are letting your readers/friends know that you are donating a story to this cause in A/Ns, social media websites, etc. The more you spread the word, the greater the chance of more donations. (All information for donators has been posted many times on the blog, but if you need me to send you the info, I'll be happy to. Just email me.)

Lastly! I don't get a chance to tell you guys enough, but I am forever grateful for your generosity. Sharing your talents to help raise money for this cause is appreciated more than you all will ever know. So, thank you from the very bottom of my heart. I adore you all and can't wait to read your submissions!

~Lia Jane
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