More Teasers!

There have been some new teasers posted on the Submitted Teasers page! Below are the banners and summaries. *To read the actual Teaser, go to the Submitted Teasers page*

**Daddy's Little Princess: A Mafia Princess Out-Take by Tufano79**

Summary: Angelo and his Little One have been in married, wedded bliss for seven years. Bethy, Edward’s little princess and perfect daughter, is the apple of his eye. Bethy wants for nothing, especially affections from her loving and doting parents. But what happens when Bella finds out she’s pregnant? Will Bethy accept the new baby or will she only want to be Daddy’s Little Princess?
**Healing Process by CloeMarrie**
Summary: They were childhood friends and were expected to marry, but they've fallen in love with other people. What happens when they are forced into marriage?
**The Rainbow by Addicted-to-Romione-Bedward**
Summary: Socially awkward twinkward meets Jasper the manwhore in front of Rainbow club. Edward tries everything in his power to change Jasper's ways and show him the wonders of a relationship.
These are some absolutely phenomenal Teasers! Also, thanks to the lovely Christy, I have a few more sites to post for our awesome overseas folks to donate to! Below are the links:

New Zealand

You may donate to any of these organizations as well as the other links we have posted. Thank you so much for the info, Christy!

REMINDER: Authors, your Teasers are due by March 23rd and your completed stories are due by March 30th. Please contact me if a problem arises. Thank you all!

~Lia Jane