Due Dates, Rules, and Guidelines

Below is everything (hopefully) you will need to know as an author, contributor, donator, or site supporter:



  • Sign-ups will be from Thursday, November 14th, 2013 until Thursday, January 16th, 2014. (11:59 pm US Central time will be when the form is closed.)

  • Teasers are due NO LATER than March 23rd, 2014. There is a form available for your convenience under the tab TEASERS that you may use to submit these. Or you may email them to me: fandom.a.juvenilediabetes@gmail.com.

  • Submissions are due NO LATER than March 30th, 2014. Your stories must be complete and turned in at this time. There is a form for your convenience under the SUBMIT STORY! tab that you may use to submit these. Or you may email them to me at the above email address.

  • Compilations will be sent out on April 7th, 2014. As an author, you will receive the compilation. Your banner maker, beta, and prereader will also receive the compilation for their help. YOU ARE NOT TO SHARE THE COMPILATION WITH ANYONE! We will make sure it is sent to those that helped. If you do not have access to a banner maker, beta, or prereader, we can assign one to you. If you have people for this purpose that you use regularly, make sure and send us their name and email address so that we can send them the compilation.

  • You may not post your stories on your own account until June 8th, 2014. You are welcome to post Teasers or excerpts from the work you will be posting, but not the entire story until the above date.

  • Minimum word count is 1,500. There is no maximum word count.

  • Submissions MUST be Beta'd. If you do not have a regular Beta, we'll set you up with one.

  • Submissions cannot be a continuation of a story that you have already posted (i.e. a chapter), unless it is an outtake, in which case it must be able to stand alone. If you are submitting an outtake, be sure to send me the link to the original story (MUST BE COMPLETE). I will then post the link under the Teaser you send in. Hey, it might help you get more readers for that particular story.

  • No rape, incest, or bestiality! Be sure to rate your stories correctly and list any warnings.

  • The Header on your document MUST include: Pen name, Title, Fandom, Pairing, Rating, Beta/Pre Reader, Banner Maker, Disclaimer, and Warnings. You may include A/N at the beginning, end, or both, but it is not required. If you need an example of a disclaimer, let me know and I'll send you one.


  • You have the option to contribute as a beta, banner maker, or pre reader. There is a form to fill out under the CONTRIBUTE! tab, where you will indicate in what way you will be contributing. There is also a place where you can specify what types of fandoms, pairings, or themes you WILL NOT beta, pre read, or make graphics for.

  • We intend to assign our authors that do not have betas, pre readers, or banner makers to those of you that sign up, so please be sure to list any other info that has not been provided for you to answer on the form in an email to me or in the section for you to list what you will not help with. We just want to make sure we are able to make the right fit.

  • Once you have been assigned an author, that will be where our involvement ends. All other correspondences from that point on will be between you and the author.

  • You will receive the compilation for your help.


  • Go to either JDRF or American Diabetes Association websites (links are provided on the home page of this blog, under the post entitled "Information for Donators") and make a donation.

  • The website will send you a confirmation email. Once you receive that email, forward it on to me at fandom.a.juvenilediabetes@gmail.com. I will then send you a confirmation email on our end and add you to the list of compilation recipients.

  • The minimum donation is $5.

  • You have from Thursday, November 14th, 2013 until Friday, April 4th, 2014 to make your donations and get your emails sent in to me.

  • Compilations will be sent out on Monday, April 7th, 2014.


  • If you would like to support the cause as a site supporter, you can grab our button (located on the home page of the blog) and post it on your website, blog, or social media account and link our blog.

  • You can also help in Re-tweeting our tweets on Twitter or sharing our status updates on Facebook and generally spreading the word.

  • Posting a blog entry about us and our cause could also be extremely helpful.

  • Regardless of what you end up doing, make sure and link our blog.

If this information doesn't answer all of your questions, feel free to send me an email and I'll do my very best to clear things up. Thank you all so very much for your support!


  1. I can beta for anyone and I can do banners as well. Just let me know@ dowlingnana @ aol. com

    1. Hi dowlingnana! Thank you so much for offering your beta services. If you would, please fill out the form under the Contribute tab so that we may have a way to contact you. You can also specify what types of stories you will and will not beta for. Thanks!

    2. I'd love a new banner for this outtake, but ran out of time in asking for one. I'm using my banner from the original story. If you want to make a banner for this outtake, contact me for details, I'd appreciate it. My contact info is @lakermom37 on Twitter, and my email is lakermom37@gmail.com. Thanks! Teresa aka Edward's My Obsession 1971.

  2. I just submitted my story. It's an Outtake of my completed story, Letting Down the Walls. Here's the link to the original story, if you want to include it with the outtake.


    Thank you for allowing me to submit a story in this cause for another year. Sorry I was so late in getting it to you. Teresa