The Final Batch of Teasers!

Here are the last of the teasers I received before the deadline last night. Take a look and then head on over to the Submitted Teasers page to read the full teasers.

**Bright Moon: A Prelude from Solstice by Cristy MV/ Maya William**

No summary provided.
**Bloody Hell by Sitalia**
Summary: After being in hiding for over fifty years, Isabella comes back to find out her sister has lost her Major, her Captain and her Lieutenant. Now there's going to be hell to pay and what a bloody hell it'll be.
**Lost in Paradise by Lia Jane**
Summary: After Jeremy's death, Elena's world crumbles. Even though Damon's power over her should've left her no choice but to obey his command, Elena does not turn off her emotions. Instead, she fakes it and leaves the first chance she gets. What will she do? Where will she go? And what happens when Damon and Stefan learn the truth? (This is just a story line that would not leave me's my take on what happened after Jeremy's death in the show.)
I hope you all enjoy the teasers! I cannot wait until all of these awesome stories are turned in and I'm able to get them out to all of you wonderful authors, donators, and contributors!
AUTHORS: Stories are due March 30th! Please don't forget!
~Lia Jane